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Wondering What Home Staging Is?

Home Staging can be decribed as preparing a private residence for sale with in the real estate market. Our goals with staging is to make a place of resident look significantly more appealing leading to a increased number of potential buyers, leading to selling the property faster at a higher value. Professional home stagers aim to create a memorable client impression. Staging can be considered a art that can only be attained through the eyes of experienced professionals within the industry. 

Why Stage?

Looking into an empty room can be less desiriable to potential buyers, giving an uninviting feel. Potential buyers viewing a empty home, often find it difficult to envision their belongings in the space. Team Visual Konnections has the tools to help your potential buyers see the perfect touches that turn any house into a picture perfect home. Don't forget, buyers make their decisions based on the attachment and feel to the home, so we make sure it’s a experience to rememeber. There is a great return on investment when you stage your home prior to selling. We can help make this happen!

Are You Looking to Sell Your Home?

If you plan to list your property on the market, remember when your home is up for sale, you are selling a product. With our staging services added you can make your home appealing to more buyers. More buyers means increased offers and interests so it is important

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Ways How We Can Help?

We are known for transfoming homes into extravagant properties. Team VK stays focused on the big picture, we pay attention to detail. We love taking home staging to new levels by raising the bar, we have been successful in helping our clients, realtors, home owners, and developers achieve their ultimate goal to sell your property.

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Still Wondering Why Home Staging?

Home Staging for Developers

Here are some home staging benefits that will bring your newly built home to life!

Reflecting A Lifestyle
creates a memorable experience that relates to your potential buyers.

Create a postive  ATMOSPHERE using  VK furniture, art, and accessories to generate intrest to buyers into the home.

STRENGTHEN YOUR MASTERPIECE, by accentuating the main attractions of the home, and highlighting the little details.

CREATE A STRATEGIC VISION that sells to your buyer. We choose the style and theme of the interior using our expertise knowledge and talent that wins over the market.

Staging for Home Owners

You’ve decided to sell your home, and now you’ve reached the last stage that’s still in your control: the make or break point.

OUR HOME STAGING SERVICE will ensure that you gain the highest market dollar for your property.

PEOPLE BUY LIFESTYLES not just homes. We make sure that buyers develop an emotional connection to the space once they walk into your home.

WE DISTRACT THE FLAWS and transform faults into positive attractions with our design techniques and strategies.

WE MAKE YOUR HOME SHINE – avoid sitting on the market and use our talents to polish your home and stand out from the rest of the listings on the market.

ENHANCE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE – today, approximately 95% of buyers first start their home search online. Grab their attention using professionally staged photos by our team.

Home Staging for Realtors

Preparing your listing with home staging gives you an edge over your competitors.

makes everyone happy-both you and your client. This will increase your reputation and attract other clients to your business.

SAVE MARKETING DOLLARS and let the pictures speak for itself!

Enticing photos will make your listing stand out online and enhance your portfolio.

ATTRACT MORE SHOWINGS which lead to more offers.

MORE OFFERS MEANS HIGHER VALUE, and higher commission rates.

SUCCESSFUL RESULTS means happy clients who will surely give referrals to their friends and family.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTO'S enhanced by staging is sure to strengthen your portfolio and online profile.

We Are Team VK

Wondering How You Achieve a Well Staged Home?

Team Vk can acheive a well staged home by allowing our creative design team to transform your home, and bringing “dream home energy” for any potential buyer. Our Team work with you to select items that enhance your home. To start the process we re-locate, and re-arrange all of your belongings in order to provide the best expereince for potenital buyers. We often see sellers attempting to take this project on themselves; we advise against this! Staging isnt DIY , Save yourself the time and hire a professional who can bring the experience.

VK Pricing

Many agents and home owners see the great value in professional home staging. Don’t leave your home naked and unadorned. Staging can be surprisingly affordable these days. Here’s how Visual Konnections can add the most value to your property.


Starting At $500

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Occupied staging starting at $500.00 Includes: • free consultation • rearranging and minimization of furniture • Visual Konnections decor added throughout property • Personalized checklist to get home ready for sale 

Vacant Staging

Starting At $1200

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Vacant staging starting at $1200.00 * prices may vary depending on location and number of rooms to be staged Includes: • free consultation • furniture rentals for number of rooms agreed upon • Visual Konnections decor throughout property • Personalized checklist for getting property ready for sale 

Interior Design 

Varies Via Project

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Home decorating Services for home upgrades, investment property rentals and room revamps *prices vary depending on property, priced at consultation Includes: • concept and design planning • wall finishes, flooring selections • furniture, wall art, and decor selections • personalized shopping • project management Short term rentals/ etc

VK Client Policy 

+We treat every project like a new one. Themes are not repeated, as we know that no two homes are alike

+Our team of designers constantly restock inventory with newly hand picked items and furniture for staging your home

+We understand the market and competition

+We go the extra mile to give your home a notable transformation, leaving your buyers with a lasting impression

+Our professional experience makes us the best solution to adding the most value to your property!

With Our Services You Can...

Minimize Faults Maximize Value Enhance Your Home Impress Buyers Conquer The Market Sell Fast, & Sell More!

Did you know not all rooms in a home are equal when it comes to the psychology of staging, says by multiple reports one o which being NAR (NAR report gives us insight into what may be inhibiting home buyers). Mass majority of buyers’ agents note that seeing a staged living room is important to their client, Last quarters buyers’ agents told multiple reports that staging increased the offering price by 5% to 10% compared to homes that weren’t staged. Among sellers’ agents, 72% say the same and 47% say it actually increased the offering price by 8% to 14%. With a lot of opportunity to gain there stands no reason why staging wouldn't be worth the effort. 

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Our Process

Whether it’s your home, condo, or vacant home staging, our process is organized and implemented to achieve effective results proven within the industry. This is what you can expect from us.

Step 1


We listen to your needs and offer expertise recommendations on how to successfully stage your property considering your budget and timeline.

Step 2

Property Visitation

A representative will schedule a viewing to photograph the space and take notes on the project.

Step 3

Plan Preparation

We start brainstorming and preparing a plan to renovate, re-arrange, and stage your home.

Step 4


We present our plan to you and action upon approval.

Step 5

Set-up Staging Date

During this time, we confirm a staging date upon your requirement.

Step 6


We re-arrange, renovate, and stage, as required within a day.

Step 7

After Your Property is Sold

We remove the staged items and wrap up the project!

Why you want 
professenonal staging?

Top 5 Reasons Professional Staging Sell's Your Home!

1. Buyers can often have a difficult time figuring out how to layout a room. If a room is empty, it can be very difficult for them to envision how it would look with furniture, rugs, artwork and other décor. A beautifully staged home not only eliminates this problem, but it also allows you to showcase your rooms to look like they were designed by a professional decorator.

2. Sometimes it is difficult, if not impossible, for a buyer to figure out the purpose of a particular space. If there is a room or area in the home that is oddly shaped or sized, or whose purpose is ambiguous, buyers will be confused and uncertain. A room’s purpose must be adequately defined, and this is best done visually. A well staged home can help eliminate this concern.

3. In vacant properties, buyers tend to focus on every imperfection. Unless your property is brand new, this could be a big problem. And if you have an older home with outdated fixtures, this can be an even bigger problem. Filling the property with tasteful and updated furnishings and décor will distract buyers from any of your home's imperfections and showcase how beautiful it can look.

4. An empty house can also feel uninviting and give a negative impression. You want it to be warm and comforting so buyers will have an emotional response and establish a personal connection with the house, just as they do with model homes. A beautifully staged home will accomplish exactly this for you.

5. Photo's play a HUGE part! Over 90% of buyers are viewing their next home online and 85% of those buyers say it’s the photos that are the most important factor when deciding to go view the home. You want your listing to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers online and home staging will instantly create more attractive photos that drive buyer traffic to your property. This can help sell your home much faster and for a higher value, therefore leaving your client very happy. 

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